Howard Wolliaston, also known as Banks, is a native from Harlem, New York whose ultimate goal is to be a successful actor and a youth advocate. Since childhood, his passion for acting came from watching great actors such as Will Smith, “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Jamie Foxx, “The Jamie Foxx Show” to name a few which sparked his motivation and creativity to study and enhance his craft to become an actor. Howard has worked on many projects ranging from theatrical, short films, music videos, feature films and web-series. His works include “Life Is Short Cherish Every Moment, an off broadway show, “The Black Scrooge”, an off broadway show, “Scallywags”, a feature film, “My Brother’s Keeper”, a short film, appearance on FOX tv show “Gotham”, as a background actor, “Crosstown Wreck”, a web-series Sag project comedy, “No Options”, a drama web-series. Howard Williaston is mostly known for his character, Chase, on the Jamaican American web series “Sons of Kingston”.

Crosstown Wreck” is a comedy web-series. He played a character named Russell who is trying to come to the realization that he needs to move on from his current relationship. Russell has two best friends, Tommy and Max, to help steer him in the right direction.

No Options” is an action/drama web-series. He will be playing a character named Fresh. Fresh is the youngest of an organized drug gang, who means business and does not play games. This web-series will be coming out soon!

Sons Of Kingston” is a dramatic urban, Jamaican American web-series inspired by the streets of Kingston, Jamaica and New York City. The web-series is based upon a quick hustle to stay alive as Zink and Stunts greed leads them down a path of destruction. Howard plays a character named Chase. Chase is a grimy, street smart, untrustworthy, funny and always making moves to make money to get out of the game.

My Brother’s Keeper” is a dramatic short drama inspired by true events. Howard portrays the character Andre. Andre is responsible for himself and his little brother after the passing of their parents. In order to make ends meet, Andre borrows money from the local loan shark and when it’s time to pay the loanshark back things become hectic for Andre.

Currently, Howard Wolliaston is working on a few upcoming projects that are short films which should be coming out 2017. Howard is a hardworking and dedicated person and doing amazing things in his life to provide a better a life not only for himself but his family as well.  Since he was younger, his father always told him “who don’t hear must feel”. This is one of his favorite quotes. The meaning of the quote is “if I say don’t go around the corner because the floor is slippery then you go and fall because you didn’t hear now you will feel.”

Howard has been a great influence to youths in various ways. When he worked at Spring Creek Middle School in Brooklyn, New York as an after school teacher teaching theater arts, literacy and assistant basketball coach. He always spoke to the youth by encouraging them to make better decisions and know that there is no dream that is unattainable. By being an example to the youth, he shows them what he accomplished thus far and inspires them that there is no limit to accomplishing your dreams. If Howard was not an actor, he would have been a counselor for the youth.

In the next five years, Howard sees himself becoming a successful actor and winning an Oscar award and being an inspiration to others who are trying to make their footprints in the filming industry.

When he isn’t acting, he likes to relax by watching tv shows and films, hanging out with friends and family, reading and perfecting his acting craft and reading books such as The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene.

A message that Howard has for those who are pursuing a dream whether it’s acting, filming, teacher or whatever it is you love in life to never give up. All you ever need is one person to like you and give you that shot to push you forward, always keep high hopes and most of all what’re your doing go with god because you’ll never fail.


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