Louis H “ODUBBY”

IMG_2337Louis H aka Odubby is a bright, intelligent entrepreneur from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is the CEO of TBD music and a model for modeling Inc.  In 2010, once he finished his service from the United States Navy,  Louis began his entrepreneurship journey by establishing his own business ventures. His clothing line is called KINGSPIN CROWN. He was motivated to build his brand/empire for his family. His goal is be known in the entertainment industry world wide where he can achieve much success on a business and financial level.  Wow! A Genesis All-Star in the making!
 In 2015, Louis was a two-time champion for I.A.C.S. He has several projects coming up such as various fashion shows that will take place in New York. He has modeled for many designers on runways. His 3rd music album is going to be released 2017. He does shows in different states from New York to California. Amazing! Louis and his family are generous in giving back to their community especially within their church.  Louis is well on his way to making a household name for himself. Be on the look out for this rising Genesis All-Star! Wishing him much success in all his future endeavors.
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