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Patrick McKenzie is an actor, voice-over actor, model and dreamer from London, England. He is associated with Equity, T.A.C.T., British Voice Association and Actors Guild. He trained at the Academy Drama School, Anthony Meindl Actors workshop, The Actors Temple and Actor Centre. He is known for his voice over abilities with accents and dialects ranging from American-Southern to Caribbean. He has been in many projects including commercials, television, films and short films.  “Hear my Son”, It Stops With Us” “The Plague”, “Crimewatch” and “Brixtonia” to name a few. He has done many voice over projects.  Currently, he is on tour in the Selladoor 2017 Production of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” until June 17, 2017.  Patrick is an accomplished Actor of Tv, film and stage having recently played Nelson Mandela for the Black Heroes Foundation and performed “How to Cook a country” at the Riverside Studios “Dirty Linen” at the Court Yard Theatre and “The woman who cooked her husband at the Pentameter Theatre Hampstead to name a few. He is also an International and award wining Voiceover artist and is very proud to join cast the Crucible cast. Awesome! He is hoping to work with American filmmakers and actors.  We will be watching to see what all is in store for him. An All-Star in the making!

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WGM Talent Management Agency
The Voice Agency
Michele Daeche




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